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You DON'T have to own your own firearm to learn, train and experience firearm self defense! We have a wide selection of rental firearms for use during your visit. Remember, a firearm should feel like a natural extension of your hand and the size, weight, design and features will affect that. You should test and experiance many different guns to learn what works best for you and your shooting style. Ask one of our sales team in the retail store as well as discuss your needs with our range instructors, everyone will be happy to find whats best for your comfort as well as your lifestyle.
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It only takes one time for the calm, happy, safe routines of your life to end in a split second. When those life events come from criminals or dangerous and aggressive people taking your physical, mental and emotional safety from you, you may have only one chance to take it back before your life changes forever. Give yourself the peace of mind and training to observe and respond to physical threats to yourself, your family or others around you.

Learn today from our certified, expert training staff using our modern indoor training facility.